It’s a question for the ages. Just exactly who is Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, and what is he up to, really?

Bold Suggestion: Petyr Littlefinger Baelish is the last remaining heir to both Castamere and Tarbeck Hall. He is the son of Rohanne Tarbeck and an unknown father.

Rohanne, herself, is the daughter of Ellyn Reyne, and Walderan “Muttonhead” Tarbeck. Her only son was believed to have been killed at the age of three during the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion. It is rumored that Ser Amory Lorch threw the child into a well to drown, but what if he didn’t?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time in this whole sordid tale for the rumor of a well tossing to be questioned. And the amount of tripping and falling that seems to happen surrounding towers and stairs is well…. kinda astronomical. Let’s just roll with what we got here, folks.

It’s far from inconceivable to believe that Ser Lorch may well have failed at his mission. He wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when he came after Yoren and Arry and crew was he? ARYA. AND GENDRY. AND HOTPIE. AND LOMMY. AND WEASEL. AND THE 3 COWARDS OF THE NON BURNING STONE TOWERS SURVIVED. I’m content to question…

Let’s explore the following quote to see what we can learn from it.

“So silent, my lady?” said Petyr. “I was certain you would wish to give me your blessing. It is a rare thing for a boy born heir to stones and sheep pellets to wed the daughter of Hoster Tully and the widow of Jon Arryn.”

A Song of Ice and Fire GRRM

This quote starts with an unusual choice of words. Almost like he is speaking or praying to the silent sisters as he speaks with Sansa. He does this right as he arrives and introduces her to his childhood home in the Fingers of the Vale as Alayne, his bastard daughter.

Interesting to note that there were two surviving Tarbeck daughters following the fall of Tarbeck Hall. Both, Rohanne and Cyrelle Tarbeck, were sent to join the silent sisters by Tywin Lannister. Their fate becomes murky after that.

ASIDE: It does, however, bring to mind the fate of Lady Serella Darklyn following the capture of Aerys at Duskendale. In fact Ser Dontos Hollard was the only distant related survivor. Huh. Interesting that he’s a stand in for Florian the Fool. Or was he revenge unpaid from the westerlands? Tywin drowned the Reynes like rats. (Heh. Maester Pycelle.)

In addition, Littlefinger refers to himself here as the “heir to stones and sheep pellets.” What is Castamere, but stone? (Even if it might be of the semiprecious metalic variety?) Sheep pellets stands out as a potential link to the Tarbecks through Walderan Tarbeck, who was also known as “Muttonhead.”

ASIDE: This potentially gives new meaning to the Reines of Castamere. Wonder what that meant for the Red wedding?

Next up is a stroll down memory lane with Catelyn Stark for a birds eye view through the eyes of a Giant on our Bravosi Banking Friend. (Wait! Who killed the giant in a castle made of snow again?)

“He had been a sly child, but after his mischiefs he always looked contrite; it was a gift he had. The years had not changed him much. Petyr had been a small boy, and he had grown into a small man, an inch or two shorter than Catelyn, slender and quick, with the sharp features she remembered and the same laughing grey-green eyes. He had a little pointed chin beard now, and threads of silver in his dark hair, though he was still shy of thirty. They went well with the silver mockingbird that fastened his cloak. Even as a child, he had always loved his silver.”


The physical description of Petyr makes for an interesting passage as well. The missing Tarbeck boy would actually be several years older than Petyr claims to be. It would be much easier for a person of small stature to convince others that he is younger than he actually is. If Littlefinger is in fact older than he is portrayed it would a help to explain several other narrative inconsistencies. Namely he has what might otherwise be seen as prematurely greying hair. Also his sexual attraction to Catelyn… he was quite young and her a good deal older.

How many boys as young as Petyr Baelish was said to have been at the time of his fostering with the Tully’s already show an interest in girls, and kissing games in particular?

Now, let’s look at the final statement of this quote. “Even as a child, he had always loved his silver.” This seems to be quite telling as well.

At Castamere, the Reynes were known not only for mining gold, but also SILVER. In fact, their sigil is a RED lion on a SILVER background. (All THREE SHADES OF METAL.)

The Tarbeck sigil also contains silver. It is a BLUE SEVEN POINTED STAR on a SILVER background.

Now lets look at the clothing that Littlefinger chooses to wear. Silver, grey, blue, red and purple can be found much of the time. This seems to tie him to the colors of the Reynes and Tarbecks as well.

The Reynes are known to be the largest challenge to the Lannisters. They are the Sleepy Lions. Is it any wonder that Littlefinger has taken a SILVER mockingbird as his personal sigil?

To Be Continued….